Tempest 2 expands on the strengths our Horizon 2 power cable to provide a large gauge power cable that remains both slim and flexible. Seven 16 AWG solid-core, silver-plated copper conductors are insulated in air-spaced PTFE Teflon and arranged in our helical array cable geometry for optimised conductor spacing, with resonance damper technology used to reduce mechanical vibrations. Incisive, detailed and fast, Tempest 2 lives up to its name with a powerful sound.


CONDUCTORS:7 x 16 AWG silver-plated copper (7N) solid-core
2 x 11 AWG equivalent, 1 x 16 AWG ground
INSULATION:PTFE Teflon air-spaced
DAMPING:1 x resonance damper (metal & carbon fiber)
Dynamique gold over copper IEC, US & EU,
Gold-plated 13a UK
Furutech FI-1363G UK (upgrade)